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Goal of Drifting is to move the vehicle in a curve, side-to-own longitudinal axis. This is hinged to the curve entrance at first in the direction of the curve. The tail breaks loose, countersteer, in order to prevent that the vehicle rotates around its own axis. To direct the strong against is avoided, since the vehicle is otherwise straight ahead or in the other direction. The drift angle can be corrected by removing in short intervals between the Gas and the brake is changed.


The vehicles are not designed for speed, but rather the greatest possible effective control of the transmission of force from the tire on the driving surface. There are two types of four-wheel drives: a Central transmission shaft (engine longitudinal to the direction of travel built-in) or via toothed belt (transverse to the direction of travel). The kardanwel Lena rubbed in, as a rule, require less maintenance, but has the disadvantage of the so-called Torque Steer: here's a torque effect when the throttle is opened a pulse is opposite to the motor direction which is the longitudinal cardan-shaft rotation continues, and thus transverse to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. Especially in the case of Modified motors and Brushless systems, this comes to fruition. By a sensible arrangement of the engine and transmission, the effect can be mitigated. The belt drive is excluded from this effect because the engine is mounted transversely to the direction of travel, and thus the torque impulse in the direction of travel. This drive is dirt-sensitive, small pebbles can get between the belt and the pulley, the drive block, or in the worst case, the belt and/or pulley damage. In order to favor the transverse position of the cars that are usually locked the differentials.


These vehicles have all-wheel drive with the same gear ratio front and rear. As these vehicles are with a little Practice, quite easy to control and a lot of driving to tolerate error, this is considered the beginner-friendly class.


Drifting a further kind of counter tar (CS). By changing the Translations on the front and/or rear axle to a different rotational speed of the axes is possible, so is trying to leave the wheels on the rear axle turn faster than the wheels of the front axle. It is mainly-belt be rebuilt-driven vehicles for CS, since you at best need only be the appropriate Pulley (pulley) installed. The Relation of the Rotations of the axes determines the CS in percentage. If the rear axle rotates twice as fast as the front axle, it is called a 200 % Overdrive (CS-Rate is 1:2,0). Currently (2012) seems to have in Asia. 182% Oversteer (CS-Rate 1:1.82 in) as the default manifest. On the front axle is often installed with a freewheel, as otherwise a is a straight line is hardly possible.


In the meantime, there is the drifting vehicles with pure rear-wheel drive (English rear wheel drive, RWD). Here, the sensitivity to the throttle and Steering even more important than the counter tar. Therefore, RWD is also referred to as the "king's class" of Drifting.

Suspension and tires

To be able to control the cars, preferably soft springs. The Additional track and camber are adjusted so that a quick steering response of the car is ensured. Unlike normal RC cars the RC Drift tires are made of polyethylene or PVC used, since this reduced the Longitudinal and cornering forces build.


The choice of the drive electronics depends on several factors, including the substrate, the tires and the weight of the car. The Controller should provide at least the functions Forward / brake, often is also possible in Reverse. The motors are brushless systems will have the largest spread. As a source of energy because of the lower weight is preferred LiPo technology. The steering is quick Servos with positioning times of 0.09 sec and better be used. For the control of lighting, e.g., brake light (are used in some special lighting modules, in which the control functions of the vehicle impact on the lighting details).


As it goes in the RC Drift (the real drift) the style of driving Through curves, the appearance of the cars a role. Often models of the following vehicles:

•Nissan 350Z

•Nissan 370Z

•Nissan Skyline

•Nissan Silvia S15

•Mazda RX-7

•Mazda RX-8

•Toyota Corolla GTS (AE86)

•Toyota Supra

•Subaru Impreza

•BMW M3 American Muscle Cars are suitable for drifting:

•Ford Shelby

•Dodge Viper

•Chevrolet Corvette

•Chevrolet Camaro

•Dodge Charger R/T

These are parts with accessories such as expensive rims, exhaust mock-UPS, spoilers, paint jobs, etc.


Travel Guide

For the driving technique, and awarding of points