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Allschwil; 27.10.2014

Articles of Association of the Drift Crew Basel


1. Swiss registered RC Drift club

1.1 Name, seat and legal form

1.2. The Association bears the name "dcb (Drift Crew Basel)



2. The purpose of the Association


2.1 The club Crew Basel, e. V., headquartered in Allschwil Drift BL exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the Tax code to be pursued.


2.2 The Operation of the Association is in the range of the remote-controlled Miniature model building in the scale 1:10. This is the operation, and conversion, as well as its own position of remote controlled car models, which can be used in the In - and Outdoor area. However, mainly only in the way of driving of "Drifting" are used. The Operation of the Association is expressed by the joint operation of the o. e. models, and the common sporting exercise, as well as mutual support in the development of the models and the joint participation in Model construction and alignment of events in the sense of the purpose of the Association to the Public.


2.3 The Association's funds may only be used for statutory purposes. The members of the Association receive no allowances from the funds of the Association, i.e., no member shall receive remuneration or compensation


2.4 no Person may be favoured by expenditures which are for the purpose of the Corporation, or by disproportionately high remuneration.


2.5 The Association also pursues the purpose of youth work and the promotion of young drivers in any age. Thus, young people, and of interest to enthusiasts the opportunity to learn given the handling of the remote-controlled vehicles in the driving way of "Drifting". This is to develop a personal responsibility towards others and the models and the Team spirit and sportsmanship to promote and progress. Thus, a meaningful leisure, to be created enthusiastic employment for young people and Interest.


2.6 The Association is selflessly active; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.



3. Acquisition of membership


3.1 a member of the Association may be any natural Person. The membership in the case of persons under the age of 18 years, must be confirmed by the legal representative.


3.2 The application for membership must be made in writing to the Executive Board filed. On the application, the entire club decides. A claim to membership does not exist, the rejection of a membership application to membership must not be justified.


3.3 The decision on an application is always done in written Form.


3.4 The sample time is 2 months, in this time the new member can be revoked without giving reasons, the Association again.



4. Types of membership


4.1 The membership may consist of:


4.1.1 Ordinary Membership


4.1.2 Promotional Membership


4.2 As an ordinary member, all members of the Association, which are not only promotional members will apply.


4.3 As a supporting member who is considered to want to the without a benefit, or can the club membership and in accordance with the provisions of section 6 of the required contribution. Supporting members have neither a seat nor voting rights at the General meeting, however, they are charging in accordance with the applicable Statute, to the General Assembly.



5. At the end of the membership


5.1 The membership ends: 5.1.1 With the death of


5.1.2 Through the outlet in a written Form.


5.1.3 By exclusion from the Association


5.1.4 By 3 Months of default in payment of the member contribution


5.2 The withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors and in this Form will be explained. A withdrawal can only be carried out under observance of a notice period of three months to the end of the quarter.


5.3 A member may be excluded from the Association, or Punished, if it has failed in a serious way against the interests of the Association, or by his misconduct the Reputation of the Association has been harmed. On the exclusion or punishment of a member of an elected Committee of the Association decides on the request of the Board. In the case of misconduct by a member which is an exclusion not the possibility of a penalty is justified in the club Treasury. The amount of this penalty payment is also determined by the Commission, but may not be higher than a complete year of the member's contribution.



6. Member contributions


6.1 The members pay the membership fees , either Annually, Quarterly or monthly in advance on the Association's account. For new members the admission fee is charged in addition. These posts are always to the 1. one month to settle. Should not be booked after two Written reminders and the due contributions to the Association's account may be excluded from the member by a decision of the General Board of the Association.


6.2 New members pay prorated for the current fiscal year, the amount due on the member contributions, within 10 working days on the Association's account.


6.3 the amount of The member contributions will be divided into age classes as follows.


6.3.1 Under the age of 16: 40Sfr. annually (10Sfr. On a quarterly basis)


6.3.2 Over 16 years of age: 80Sfr. annually (20Sfr. On a quarterly basis)


6.4 in addition to the annual contribution, it may be necessary in individual cases, that the Association has to cover an unforeseen financial need that is not cover with the year of the contributions. In this case, the General meeting may decide on the collection of a one-time levy of all members. The decision is taken with a simple majority of the members. The requirement and justification of the levy shall be set out by the Board of Directors at the General meeting. Also, the need to be justified by reason of predictability.


6.5 the amount of The levy is to provide each member of one-time payments must not be higher than 25% of the annual contribution of the members. 6.6 In the case of a termination of membership under section 5 of the described Points, of a member occurs which is no longer in the trial period is no refund of the already paid contributions.



7 organs of the Association


7.1 bodies of the Association are:


7.1.1 The Board Of Directors


8 The Board of Directors of the Association


8.1 The Board of Directors (Board of managing Directors) of the Association is as follows together:


8.1.1 1. Chairman (Executive Board Chairman)


8.1.2 2. Chairman (Deputy Chairman. Chairman of the Board)


8.1.3 Secretary


8.1.4 Treasurer


8.1.5 youth were


8.1.6 Manager for public Relations and Deputy


8.1.7 Manager for events and organization



9 representation of the Association


9.1 the Board of management within the meaning of art. 75a11 of the Swiss civil code are the Chairman and the second Chairman. The Association is judicially and out of court in accordance with CC by 1. The Chairman or the 2. Chairman of the Association's Board of management alone represented.



10 responsibilities of the Board and the total Board


10.1 The first and the second Chairman for all Affairs of the Association is responsible and, to the extent not otherwise regulated, run the ongoing business of the Association.


10.2 In the absence of the first Chairperson is the representative of the second Chairman and in the absence of the second Chairman, were appointed to the Fund by the extended Board of management as representatives. This representation scheme applies only to the internal relationship of the Association.


10.3 The panel of the Commission members can by no other of the total Board be replaced. It decides on requests of the management Board about the possible imposition of penalty payments or the exclusion of members from the Association.


10.4 The Commission meets as well as it is possible, as is a court in which witnesses and Accused to be heard.


10.5 The first or the second Chairman, or their representatives, conduct meetings of the Board of Directors.


10.6 The first or the second Chairperson shall convene the General meeting and prepares, in cooperation with the General Board of the General meeting and prepare the agenda.


10.7 The Board is bound by the resolutions of the ordinary and the extraordinary General meeting of the members.


10.8 The Board of Directors for the preparation of the annual report and the budget plan.


10.9 The Secretary shall prepare the minutes of the members meetings and of the meetings of the management Board and inform the members regularly on all the important matters of the Association.


10.10 The Manager public Relations will take care of the public Relations work of the Association.


10.11 The Treasurer manages the funds of the Association and agrees with the Board the use of the funds.


10.12 The youth were for the interests and promotion of the youth responsible.


10.13 The Manager for the event and organizing the related Organizational matters of the Association, and for specified events, is preparing, by the resolutions of the General meeting of the members, all of them.


10.14 members versam lungs instead find only Irregularities (in case of need / necessity), and be convened by the first or second Board.



11 decision-making and meetings of the Board


11.1 The Board of management involved in decisions at Board meetings, which are convened by the first Chairperson or the second Chairperson in writing or by telephone. The period of notice of 14 days must be observed.


11.2 The Executive Board shall have a quorum only if at least 3 of the total Board of Directors are present. Decisions are taken by a simple majority.


11.3 the decisions by the Secretary a separate book, the from 1. The Chairman or his representative is at the end of the session. It contains information about the place, time, names of those present and the decisions taken have to be.



12 General Assembly


12.1 The General Assembly, approves the budget and decides on Statute changes. In the case of changes to the Statute, the majority and the consent of the members present is in a 2/3 majority is required.


12.2 The General Assembly is held Unregelmässeig (needs / need).


12.3 The invitation must be made at least four weeks in advance by the Board of Directors in written Form, via e-mail / Whatsapp (group chat), stating the agenda.


12.4 The invitation shall be considered effected when it is sent to the Association's last known address or email address.


12.5 Voting rights each ordinary adult member, with the exception of an amendment to the bylaws.


12.6 The General meeting is formed by ordinary and supporting members and has a quorum with a simple majority.


12.7 The General meeting has the following responsibilities:


12.7.1 receipt of the annual report of the Board of management, the cashier's reports, and the report of the cash auditor.


12.7.2 re-election of the auditor


12.7.3 decision on amendments to the statutes.


12.8 Can be a member at a meeting of the members present, he has to log off no later than 1 day prior to the meeting at one of the Board members . In the case of failure of the deregistration, the member must be a penalty in the amount of 15Sfr. pay.



13 liability


13.1 For the operation of the Association, damages, or property losses, the Association is not liable to its members. The Association is not liable to damage to model vehicles and their accessories, which arise in the context of sport, exercise and/ or events.

14 auditors


14.1 of the General Assembly for 1 year auditors check the cash transactions of the Association for computational accuracy. The cash audit does not extend to the appropriateness of the Executive Board-approved expenditure. An examination must be made at least 1 time in the year and the result is reported in the annual General meeting.



15 insolvency


15.1 For the case of insolvency (art. is used 60 ZGB62).



16 dissolution of the Association


16.1 In the event of dissolution or annulment of the Association or omission of tax-privileged purposes, the assets of the Association to the Basilea Vineryard, which shall use it directly and exclusively for nonprofit , charitable or kichliche purposes.


16.2 the dissolution of The Association can only be made by ¾ majority vote.



17 events


17.1 In the case of public events such as fairs or events which by the dcb. e. V. only full members are allowed to participate.


17.2 In exceptional cases, the full Executive Board must approve this in writing and hold on to.



18 price list for club clothing.


18.1 The club clothes can only be used by members after the trial period purchased.


18.2 The prices of club clothing depends on the manufacturer of this clothing and will be listed in a separate price list.