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Here something about the history of Drifting

Drifting as a driving technique is very widely used in Motorsport. In disciplines such as rally, Speedway or Supermoto it is used to achieve higher cornering speeds. The emergence of the motor sports goes back to the Eighties. Japanese touring car drivers took advantage of the driving technique to get in the race an advantage. Inspired by it produced by Keiichi Tsuchiya in 1987, a Video called Pluspy, in which he drifted on a Toyota Corolla Levin on public roads.[1] in 1988 was held under the Banner of the D1 Grand Prix is a first competition in Japan. Until the mid-Nineties, the first events in the USA were held. In the meantime, the Sport has gained worldwide popularity. Thus, since 1999, swept International drift challenge in Germany is quite popular. Also movies like The Fast and The Furious, which move in the environment of the Tuner and drift scene, did the Rest. Since 2011, the Label is Drift United in the mouths of the national and international Drift scene. Professionally organized racing events and Shows at the drift segment are held annually. Organized the series, mostly by private promoters. There is no top motor sporting authority, the FIA, which developed a uniform set of regulations. So the first Drift was the 2008 world Championships held in Long Beach. Red Bull Rhys Millen was organized on a Pontiac Solstice GXP, the first world Cup winner. The field consisted mainly of participants in the American Formula D (Formula Drift). There are also a few Japanese and Europeans were at the Start.


So competitions will be contested

The competitions are usually started with a qualification. Here you have to qualify the most part the best 16 riders with good Races for the final. In these runs, the drivers are as a rule individually. The routes are often only a few hundred meters long and are the majority of winding sections of the right tracks. So, there are Drift events in the property curve of the Hockenheimring, in the area of Priory and < / P on the Silverstone Circuit, or on oval courses, such as the Irwindale Speedway in the USA. Here is even drifted in the steep curves. In the case of Drifts, it depends on the reached speed, drift angle, Line and style. So smooth Driving and close to track boundary, and opponents are rated high. The evaluation will be carried out by independent judges. In the final be sent runs contrary to the qualifications of two vehicles at a time into the race. In a direct duel, the route will be traversed twice, wherein each driver is the lead vehicle and overtaking is allowed. Either will be determined by the Jury, directly, with the winner of the duel, or it will be awarded per points, the highest score determines the race winner. It is then determined in the K. O.-System, a winner of the competition. To are for Show purposes more than two vehicles on the track sometimes. Also, the event mode varies depending on the series and the Promoter.


The Driving Technique

When drifting mostly light vehicles with rear wheel drive and with high engine power and torque to be used. Popular vehicle types such as Nissan 350Z, Nissan Silvia or Toyota Corolla Levin. This was also seen in Pluspy. Vehicles with all-wheel drive, as you come out of the rally sport, are mostly converted to significant-speed excess at the rear axle, the so-called count first ring, and over steering. This offers the advantage, over the by turning the control of the rear wheels to the drift angle (still can be driven, the position of the vehicle front axle to be changed quickly, while a pure rear-wheel drive has a significantly higher inertia). This driving behaviour is called Power-Oversteer, so a provoziertes override by the sheer Abundance of engine power. Front-wheel drive for drifting unsuitable, since they tend to Under - instead of oversteer. An override may be generated in the front wheel drive but by using the hand brake. However, this is referred to as a "Slide" and not as "Drift". In addition to the hand brake and the Power-Oversteer, the excessively fast will downshift or engage the clutch used to make the vehicle unstable. These techniques are referred to as the "Shift-Lock" and "Clutch-Kick". Another technique is to bring the car in a pendulum motion. The driver tried to drive small snake lines, so that the rear end will skid during a sudden and strong turn-in maneuvers. A successful Launch of the Drifts is called a "Feint". Another technique is to place the rear axle of the car briefly on a grass area next to the track. The car is a rocking so that the rear slips over the surface next to the Asphalt and, therefore, the liability to lose. As soon as the input Drift angle is reached, the vehicle returns to the Asphalt. This technique is referred to as the "Dirt-Drop". The hand brake (E-Brake) itself is not used only to Initiate the drift, but also used a Drift to extend significantly, by instability in the driving state, while the car tends to have, again, Grip on the rear axle. A further possibility of using the E-Brake breaking a speed surplus between curve combinations. Is drifted, for example, a curve in fourth gear, and follows a curve, which requires the Drift in second gear, it offers to increase by means of the E-Brake Drift-angle in front of the entrance of the slower curve and when the curve speed slides down.


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